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Welcome to my world of Culture Power Solutions
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What is the recipe for a perfect storm? Simple! Put together a team of German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish people... or any other nationalities. Then, ask them to work together and to deliver. But before all that, don't forget to secure a stock of anti-depressants.
You'll definitely need them! Not because of their business knowledge, local experience, or even education.

Working internationally, or with people from other nationalities, is often a shock to many, simply because of the differences in world views, which may create friction...

I've seen this perfect storm far too many times to count. During my 24 exciting years of adventure in Philip Morris, I spent 18 of them working outside of my home market. These fascinating years include working in Poland, Ukraine, Dubai, China, Russia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

How I will help your company?
  • I will make your multi-cultural management team work together more efficiently.
  • I will coach and mentor your managers.
  • I will work with your expats on how to lead, communicate and give feedback to their local teams.
  • I will work with your HR teams on Assessment Centers, Organisation Design, Talent Management, and other areas.
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