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What is the recipe for a perfect storm…?
... put together a team of German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish people... or any other nationalities. Then, ask them to work together and to deliver.
Before all that, don't forget to secure a stock of anti-depressants. You'll definitely need them! Not because of their business knowledge, local experience, or even education.
But because of cross-cultural competency…

I've seen this perfect storm far too many times to count. During my 24 exciting years of adventure in Philip Morris, I spent 18 of them working outside of my home market. I have bosses of 14 different nationalities. These fascinating years include working in Poland, Ukraine, Dubai, China, Russia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

How I will help your company?

  • I will make your multi-cultural management team work together more efficiently.
  • I will coach and mentor your managers.
  • I will work with your expats on how to lead, communicate and give feedback to their local teams.
  • I will work with your HR teams on Assessment Centers, Organisation Design, Talent Management, and other areas.

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