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I am writing a book about my journey and privilege to meet so many great people who has welcomed me in their cultures and made me a better person.
The book will be published iat the end of 2019
Here is an opening…

"Traveling with (the) Corporation - the joys and miseries of an expat life"

"Are you working in “Corporate America”? Do you dream to live and work abroad?

If yes, welcome to my world. During 24 years of my career in Big FMCG, together with my family, we have lived for 17 years abroad. I was posted in Ukraine, Dubai, China, Russia, Indonesia and Hong Kong in various sales, commercial and HR jobs. During this time we relocated twice back to Poland, changing expat contract to the local one.

Writing this book was my dream, one of the items on the list “to be done before I die”. Multi-cultural communication and management is my passions and I believe you will enjoy this “down to the earth” observations and sharing.

Career in the Corporation, expatriation… Is it worth? Indeed a very personal question which only you are able to answer it. If you ask me, I will tell you that….

… the world is not an ideal place, not too many of us are able to spend their lives sitting and singing "cumba-ya". We all have loans to pay, children to educate and dreams for a small fortune in the bank to secure us when, as the Beatles sung we "will be 64".

Reality is, that unless you are born at top echelon of the society and you do not need to work, or you are at the very bottom and you have no opportunity to find an appropriate job, than you need to work…

If you are adventurous and like the mix of freedom combined with roller-coaster thrill, you start your own company, which statistically has huge change to fail during first few years. If you look for boring stability, unexcited live and secured respect from your similarly boring neighbors, you became government bureaucrat or mid level manager of state own company.

However, if you have slightly schizophrenic personality, likes the mix of all variables mentioned above and have tendency to religiously submit yourself to quasi-congregation organization than you join big international corporation, and became its slave.

Do not understand me wrongly. There is nothing wrong be a slave…. Dream of total freedom is a hallucination, we are always slaves of somebody or something; wife, family, company, banks, religion, good and bad habits, our desires and dreams.

The good master takes care about his possessions. Corporate slaves can have good, fulfilling life to the extend they do not even recognize their slavery. Like in old times, in many houses slaves were part of the masters family and had long life relationships.

During last 24 years had 18 bosses of 14 different nationalities. I call my type “a corporation survivor” – the one who delivers but is not dangerous, knowing when to shut up and when to push, good enough to successfully contribute, weak enough (or rather not really interested) to go to the top of the tops. I have reached the level of Regional Director, high enough to be perceived as a God himself by the people joining organization at the level I have entered, and almost as a waste of the air by the big egos and VPs titles holders, who get to the peaks of corporate career.

It would be difficult to split my personal and corporate live. They were always intersecting. I have even married the same year I have joined company, company has sponsored very solid education of my kids in crazy expensive international schools, all our holidays and investments were paid by the money ear in the company. We were paid to live in the incredible places to which other people pay big bucks to come for a vacation.

This book is based on my daily personal experience from working and living in extremely different cultures. I will take you through private and corporate moments. I have no intention to pretend it is scientifically accurate. Live is not black and white, each of us observe and experience world differently and has a right to interpret it on his own way. Saying that, I believe you will find it joyful, interesting and if you are an expat (or expat to be) helpful.

I would like to thank my fantastic wife and children for walking with me the international path. My Dears, I hope at the end of the day you will find more positives between the hardship of relocations and regularly breaking the relationships with your peers, and the enjoyment of traveling to discover who you are and who are you not.

My Dear bi-lingual children thank you for polishing my English in this book.

My dear all international friends whom I have met on my path, thank you for your gift of welcoming me in your cultures. You have made me a better person."

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